About Us

2nd Chance Coalition

what we do
Coalition members are involved in some or all of the following activities: Second Chance Day on the Hill (planning, organizing, and coordination of all event activities); policy research and public education; lobbying, advocacy, and community organizing; and ongoing communications to member agencies, policymakers, and the public via website, listserv, and social media. Coalition members are frequently called upon to speak at events, educate policymakers, and provide information and commentary to local and national media outlets. Since its recent inception, the Minnesota Second Chance Coalition and its member organizations have effected significant policy change while increasing awareness and visibility of second chance issues on a local and national level. Some highlights include:

why you should donate
All coalition activities are funded by donations from individuals and member organizations including significant contributions of in-kind staff time, materials, and other support. Donations to the Second Chance Coalition are managed by its 501c3 fiscal agent, 180 Degrees, and help to cover Second Chance Day on the Hill expense (space rental, t–shirts, buttons, postcards, pamphlets, etc.), educational literature and mailings to state legislators, transportation for community member participation, and website costs.

The Coalition’s expansive work is done on an extremely modest budget: a projected $10,000 is needed to continue to build upon the momentum gained last year, expand outreach efforts throughout Minnesota, and keep pace with rising costs. Thank you for your support of the Minnesota Second Chance Coalition.

To learn more about the Coalition and its members, visit our website at www.mnsecondchancecoalition.org; follow us on Facebook by joining the “MN Second Chance Coalition” group